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Centuries ago, a painter's young apprentices began their training by copying engravings and their master's drawings before working from plaster casts or statues then copying original oil paintings, and finally studying directly from nature.

In keeping with this same tradition, we offer the following programs:


Pencil drawing


This course consists of learning the fundamentals of drawing, by reproducing Old Master drawings and engravings in a variety of techniques depending on the student's taste and interests. Some of the techniques taught are: pen and ink over chalk or pencil, pen and ink with bistre washes and heightening with white, silverpoint, sanguine, charcoal, chalk on toned paper, and pencil.



Charcoal drawing


Using the sight-size method, a plaster cast of a classical work is reproduced in pencil or charcoal on paper. Exact measurements as well as matching exact shapes, values, and edges are emphasized.


Oil painting


This is an introduction to oil painting, the same process as in cast drawing is employed by using a monochrome palette of oil paint on canvas or wood panel.



"The Death of Germanicus" after Poussin

Bistre underpainting

"Paris and Helen" after David

Black & White underpainting



"Cupid" after Rubens

Oil on wood panel


This course is exploring some of the most important traditional techniques used by the Renaissance and Baroque Masters. The student will choose a work of their preference which will be reproduced accurately in oils on canvas or wood panel by using the appropriate technique. Aside from the basic steps of color mixing, glazing, scumbling, etc., the students are encouraged (when time allows) to learn the steps involved in preparing wood panels and canvas, the grinding of pigments, as well as the preparation of different types of traditional mediums based on the work of Jacque Maroger and other formulas available from translations of old manuscripts.




The same principles and techniques taught in the previous courses are applied to drawing and painting using a live model. The same pose is maintained for the duration of the course, allowing for accurate reproduction of overall form and tonal values, as well as anatomy and expression.

Charcoal on Paper


"The Healer"

Bistre underpainting for portfolio project

Shamballa Study


Bistre underpainting for portfolio project




This is the apex of training when students apply under close guidance everything they have assimilated, to a project (or more) of their choice either imaginative compositions based on their own imagination and using different types of reference material when necessary, or working directly from nature--portrait, landscape, still life, interior, etc. The goal is to create original artwork that could be used by the student for gaining entrance into the professional arena.

A gallery of student work will be available soon



9 a.m. to 5 p.m., 5 days per week, with recess time arranged individually as needed.



Please call or email for course prices

(Group rates are available ­ please inquire.)


~ Full payment required at the beginning of each course. All art materials and easels provided.

~ Courses are ongoing, year-round. Instructor: Marius Michael-George

~ At this time, we are only able to offer one week and two-week intensives. Courses are uniquely designed based on the students' needs, interests, and previous experience.


~ Courses are offered at different locations in the US, Europe and Japan.

~ We are also offering individual SKYPE classes.


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