"I paint angels because they are an intrinsic part of my own nature and in the course of daily life I am always surrounded by people I believe are angels in human form."



Marius Michael-George is a classically trained visionary artist and art teacher who specializes in Sacred Art. He is a native of Eastern Europe born in Bucharest - Romania and presently divides his working time between an art studio in Paradise Valley, Montana and Art Gallery in Mt. Shasta, California.
Scanning the unseen through the "eyes of the soul," Marius creates images that become portals into other realms and invite the viewer to participate in a spiritual experience.
Angels, Faeries, Saints and Ascended Masters seem to feel at home in his studio and whether in ethereal bodies or physical form, they are the main protagonists of his compositions.
Marius studied painting with one of the most prestigious masters of classical art in the U.S., Frank Mason, at the Art Students League in New York City and afterwards he was trained in the system of classical realism at Atelier LeSueur and Atelier Lack in Minneapolis.
His original oil paintings and murals are found in public and private collections across North and South America and Europe and all artwork is published internationally as prints and cards.


Q - Please tell us a bit about your background. When did you start painting angels and why?
A - The first commissions for angel paintings started to come exactly as I was finishing my classical art training at Atelier LeSueur in Minneapolis. The first few jobs were quite small and simple - I remember a couple of low budget mural pieces for a private residence in St. Paul - Minnesota and some angel designs for product labels.
The first major commission came with the book "Angels of Love and Light" by Lynn Fisher (see BOOK PAGE) when I was asked to paint the Seven Archangels and their twin flames as male-female pairs (see GALLERY 2). I remember how huge this was for me at the time and the inner transformation I experienced during the one year period of working on this project. First I had to make a major switch from painting things that I can physically see in front of my eyes, to being able to create a representation of things seen with my inner eye and then finding ways of translating the tremendous light and brilliancy of the angelic realm into a two dimensional surface with pencils, brushes and oil paint… and solely relying on memory… but the Archangels were so tangibly present around me all the time and the communion with them so deep and blissful that the work flow was actually pretty effortless, very fun and the results were very well received. After that I was on a mission with the angels and many new doors started to gradually open up.
So to answer your question "why I started to paint angels" - I did it because I was asked.
I imagine that without the outside stimulus and angelic inspiration I would have never - on my own - decided that I will become an angel painter. The angels were always very dear and close to me and I loved angel paintings since childhood but I never thought that I could paint angels or any other beings that are not physical. Luckily I have this tendency to never refuse work or say that I cannot do something when I am asked, regardless of how intimidating or impossible the project may appear at the time…. so that's pretty much how most of my work was initiated - by someone commissioning it.

Q - What was your spiritual background in those days? Was your interest in spirituality triggered by the new commissions of angel artwork or was there an existing foundation
already in place?
A - Oh, in my case it looks like the egg was first and then the chickens started to emerge… I was blessed with a pretty solid background of a very focused and dedicated spiritual life and practice of inner cleansing and a gradual coming into union with my inner world for about 12 years prior to the time of the initial angel projects I just mentioned and the relationship with my Divine Self, the Archangels, Angels, Nature Spirits and Ascended Masters was already quite active and a very major part of my life.
I imagine that without this foundation, all subconscious unreality and unconscious trash I have been exposed to during my early years would have been inevitably popping up on the canvas one way or another and blocking any possible ability to see into the etheric realm, or creating anything resembling it in any way… so I am very grateful to all spiritual teachers, masters, saintly people and angel friends that blessed my life with their inspiring example of inner beauty, purity and marvelous color harmonies and vibrations in their auras.

Q - Would you like to share any angel stories with our readers?
A - Every one of my paintings is an angel story. This is pretty much what I do. I record angel stories in paint and the paintings really speak for themselves. They are portals into the angelic realm that put the viewer into direct contact with the angels represented and in many instances people have their own personal experiences with angels and masters as a result. The paintings also anchor the special vibration and presence of the being, which then permeates the home or temple it is placed in.
I remember this one lady that was taking art classes with me and she was working on reproducing an angel image, the Angel of Miracles. At one point, while all the other students were painting or drawing, she just sat there motionless, looking intensely at the painting. I asked her if she was OK and she told me in a whisper that the angel was talking to her and at one point came out of the painting and blessed her with the wand. For me almost every day has an angel story because they are very much part of daily life, beginning with the people of my close circle which are almost all - I believe - angels in human form and a constant wonderful inspiration, and then the angels on the "other side" which are always around in great numbers and very much part of orchestrating wonderful synchronicities, blessings, inspirations, revelations, ideas and many other elements of this magical daily reality.
The most tangibly interactive part of my experiences with the angels is taking place when I work, because of course it directly involves their presence, which is usually the main subject of the paintings I create. So they part the veil, clock time stops and we get to play. I call my work "play" because that's what it really is and there are times when my hand and brush are gliding effortlessly along light pathways that materialize over the painting surface, or a blank canvas becomes superimposed with a very clear vision that I can follow and execute pretty fast, so in this way being able to bypass the very slow and time consuming process of experimenting with ideas for composition, color scheme, values, figures, anatomy, costumes, backgrounds, etc.
Other times I receive floating images and different options I can choose from and compose in the traditional way but in a mode of being super charged with un-stoppable creativity and inspiration which keeps me completely focused on the work and sometimes without any need for taking brakes for 10-12 hours straight.
The most tangible and wonderfully detailed stories that I can share about those realms are the paintings I create. All that you need to do is spend some quiet and focused time looking at and being with the painting and then a doorway can open. You can be transported to those realms. You can talk to that master or angel and amazing things can start happening… These are portals into that Being's causal body and into the higher realms.
As we open to these realms, we are infused with ideas, visions, and inspirations. This is the work of the Angels and Masters. They are working hand in hand with us on earth, orchestrating the wonderful things that are continually happening in our lives.

Q - Could you tell us why is it that most of your Archangels look so much alike?
A - Oh, it is simply because they do look very much alike - as human twins do.
For example, if you would have the chance to see all the Archangels lined up one next to the other and all dressed in similar white robes, let's say - so that Michael would not be recognized by his blue mantle with sword and armour, Raphael would not have his green robes and the caduceus or any other green ray symbol and so on with all the other ones, I bet that nobody would be able to know who is who because they do look so much like twins… at least to our human perception.
Same with the ladies. If let's say, Mother Mary, Lady Venus, Mary Magdalene and the Goddess of Beauty will stand next to one another dressed in similar garments and without any objects or symbols that may point out to their identity, it would be very unlikely - in my opinion - that any human may be able to tell who is who. They will appear as a group of Divinely beautiful twin sisters .
My observation is that in the higher octaves the differences between individuals are extremely subtle because of the fact that all of their facial and body features contain a certain geometrical Divine Blueprint of perfect beauty, symmetry and harmony that makes them appear to us as looking very much alike.
For those of us in physical embodiment wearing flesh bodies that bear the marks of our untransmuted karma, psychology, traumas, lifestyle, diet, etc. and being subject to different degrees of the toxic environment on this planet, the physiognomic differences between individuals are usually very dramatic - so of course we may feel more at home with the model of our physical reality….

There is also another aspect that many people wonder about and that is in regards to the many differences we see between the way that different artists portrayed the Masters, Archangels, etc. There are hundreds of different images of Jesus for example. Some artists painted him with dark hair, others with light brown or blond hair, black or brown eyes versus blue eyes, rounder shaped or more elongated face, thinner bodies versus stronger built bodies, etc. However, in spite of all outer differences many of them do bear Jesus' unique vibration and the tangible presence of his Spirit.
This way we all have the chance to find a version that speaks to us and can identify with and I do believe that the Masters and Archangels can change their features as they please and they often do so when working with some of us that could only accept them in a certain preconceived way. In my opinion, the only element that never changes is the inner vibration and that is - I believe -the only reliable guide on our quest for Truth and
God Reality.




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