Alyssa Angelis began playing the piano and composing music at age four. She had formal piano lessons when she was eight and continued her studies in music through college. To-date, she has written over 80 compositions which include works for piano, violin, and small ensembles.

     Alyssa studied at the Hart School of Music in Hartford, Connecticut and graduated with a bachelor's degree in Music from Trinity College in Hartford, Connecticut. She studied music composition with Italian composer Arnold Franchetti, the student of Richard Strauss. She also studied piano and performed traditional classical repertoire through college. In most recent years, Alyssa has concentrated on composing and performing her own works for piano, and intends to arrange many of her pieces for orchestra.

     Throughout her life, Alyssa has been continually developing her ability as a pianist and composer. Her compositions reveal a level of ingenuity and refinement most often found in classical works of the romantic period, combined with her unique gift for melody. Alyssa's music could be described as a tapestry of strength, beauty, sophistication, and a sensitivity to the innermost feelings of the soul.

     Alyssa currently performs her original piano compositions for audiences throughout the United States. She has produced four albums of her solo piano music. "Self-Portrait," was released in 1997, "Hope Unfolding," in 1998, "Elemental Joy" in 1999, and her most recent album, "Heart to Heart," was completed in June 2000.



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