The Ascended Master* Serapis Bey is the Chohan of the Fourth Ray.
(Chohan is a Sanscrit word for 'Lord'. To be a Chohan of one of the Seven Rays means, the energy of that ray in Christ and God, flows through that Master to all on earth who are evolving on that particular Path).

The Fourth Ray is the White or Crystal Ray of Purity, Discipline and Joy. It is the Ascension Flame, and is the White Light of the Mother in the Base-of-the-Spine Chakra.
Serapis Bey is the Hierarch of the Ascension Temple at Luxor in Egypt.
He is known as the Great Disciplinarian.
Serapis works with spiritual seekers to help them develop the qualities of Purity, Hope,
Discipline, Excellence and in gaining mastery over the Base of the Spine Chakra and gradually and safely raising the Kundalini Fire that is stored in this Chakra. He is a great lover of the Divine Mother and of her light and fire within all souls.
He was a Priest in the Ascension Temple In Atlantis. As guardian of the Ascension Flame, he and his followers carried the Flame up the Nile River to Luxor just before Atlantis sank.
Serapis was the architect of the Great Pyramid and El Morya was the Master Mason.
One of Serapis' embodiments was that of the Egyptian Pharaoh Amenhoteb III (c.1417 - 1379). During his reign Egypt was at the height of prosperity, peace and splendor. Amenhoteb III was regarded as the greatest ruler on earth. He maintained a high level of diplomatic relations with all nations. He constructed magnificent Temples and Palaces and built the monolithic statues uncovered on the banks of the river.
He also embodied as Leonidas, the Spartan King (died c.480 B.C.) who commanded the Greeks in their heroic stand against the Persians at the Pass of Thermopylae. Thus showing a prime example of courage and fearlessness in fighting for a cause against massive odds.
Our image depicts Serapis Bey holding the scepter of Christ Power and in the background a group of candidates for the Ascension.

For further information, see the book 'Lords of the Seven Rays' published by Summit University Press.

*Ascended Master: One who has walked the earth with mankind and who, through Christhood, has mastered time and space and gained mastery over self and oneness with the Divine.