The Ascended Master* Paul the Venetian is the Chohan of the Third Ray.
(Chohan is a Sanscrit word for 'Lord'. To be a Chohan of one of the Seven Rays means, the energy of that ray in Christ and God, flows through that Master to all on earth who are evolving on that particular Path).

The Third Ray is the Pink Ray of Divine Love, Creativity and Beauty. It corresponds to the Heart Chakra.

Paul the Venetian is the Hierarch of the etheric retreat called The Chateau de Liberte, over Southern France on the Rhone River. The Chateau has a vast collection of beautiful paintings and other art forms and it has many classrooms where we go at night to be tutored by the Master of Divine Love in the various arts and to be initiated into communion with our own Christ Self while our body sleeps.
While the Ascended Master Paul the Venetian works with all souls in mastering the qualities of the Pink Ray, he also works closely with students of art, music, architecture and engineering in the creation of beauty, symmetry and harmonious design.
In one of his embodiments, Paul was an Incan artist who discovered and used paints that did not fade over time, a mastery which he brought with him to his final embodiment as Paolo Veronese, the great Italian Renaissance master.
Paolo experimented with the use of pure pigments blended in such way as to create bright and vivid colors and his work was free of the somber browns and grays of the times. He saw all beauty as the most powerful catalyst for enlightenment, and lifted medieval art out of its traditionally lifeless, flat look, giving his paintings 'movement', color and the joy of love.
He painted some of the most important depictions of the initiations to Christhood, one of which, the 'Marriage at Cana' which is now in the permanent collection of the Louvre Museum in Paris.
For further information see the book 'Lords of the Seven Rays' published by Summit University Press.

*Ascended Master: One who has walked the earth with mankind, and who, through Christhood has mastered time and space and gained mastery over self and oneness with the Divine.