Pallas Athena is the Goddess of TRUTH. She is an impelling Being of Light, who ensouls the cosmic consciousness of Truth. The Flame of Truth is a bright Emerald Green. It combines the flaming Blue power of God's Will and the brilliant Golden illumination of the Intelligence of God.

Pallas Athena is a member of the Karmic Board, where she serves as the representative on the Fifth Ray of Truth, Healing, Supply and Precipitation.

She ministers to mankind from the Temple of Truth above the Island of Crete. She serves under Vesta, the Sun Goddess, as she focuses the truth of God's Love to the earth. Pallas Athena also works with Hilarion, the Chohan of the fifth ray and other green ray Masters.

If you ask to go to the Temple of Truth at night while your body sleeps, you will be instructed in the fine points of cosmic law, the science of healing, mathematics, music, divine geometry and the laws of alchemy and precipitation.

Pallas Athena was embodied as the high priestess in the Temple of Truth on Atlantis, serving under Vesta. This Flame was later transferred to ancient Greece just before Atlantis sank, and Pallas Athena later kept the Mother flame of Truth in that land.

For more info please see "The Masters and their Retreats" published by Summit University Press