Sacred Geometry Mandalas for Meditation and Healing

Sacred Geometry is the language of Creation. From the atomic to the galactic
dimensions, our Universe appears to be constructed from a set of geometric figures known as the Platonic Solids. They are:
The tetrahedron (fire), hexahedron (earth), octahedron (air), dodecahedron (spirit or ether) and icosahedron (water).
The Metatron Matrix is known as the Matrix of Creation - it contains all the five Platonic Solids as well as the figures known as the Tree of Life, the Seed of Life and Star of David. It also contains a unique energy matrix composed of Golden Ratios and other Sacred Ratios and interconnected triangles & polygons which create a network of energy pathways that produce corresponding resonances with the Cosmic Formula of Creation during meditation and healing work.
These geometric figures have an interacting and focusing effect on aether which creates
a three-dimensional, multi-frequency pattern radiating out in all directions, which then acts as an agent of transmutation to clear out dark & negative energies wherever this figure is located.