From an original painting by Marius Michael-George

Melchizedek is the High Priest of the Order of Melchizedek - an ancient priesthood of Sacred Fire who tends the Flame of Life at the Altar of the Most High God.
In the Old Testament he appears as the king of Salem and Priest of the Most High God
who served Holy Communion (bread and water) to Abraham upon receiving a tenth of his spoils of war. He is portrayed as being an immortal of divine descent - "In this manner Melchizedek was born without father and without mother, without descent, without beginning of days and without ending"
It is believed that the Melchizedekian Brotherhood has its origins in the God Star Sirius
and that it is widely spread throughout other galaxies and systems of worlds…
This is also Archangel Zadkiel's and Saint Germain's Violet Ray Priesthood of Aquarius which imparts to mankind the gifts of freedom, forgiveness, creativity, as well as the science of alchemy, transmutation and sacred rituals.
Our image shows Melchizedek with the sacred geometry figure of the seat of the soul chakra (see our sacred geometry series) and the white dove of the Holy Spirit, tending
the Holy Grail and its Flame of Life.
Meditate often on the image of this divine master and his Presence will always be with you. Ask and you shall receive. Whatever you place the focus of your attention upon,
that is what you become.