From an original painting by Marius Michael-George

Lord Lanto is the Chohan (Lord) of the Second Ray. This is the yellow ray of wisdom and illumination manifesting most strongly on Sundays.
He is the initiator of the Crown Chakra, the guru of gurus and a teacher to those in need to develop and impart the qualities of the Second Ray. Call upon Lord Lanto when in need of wisdom, understanding, mental clarity, knowledge, and Divine solutions to challenging situations.
His place of residence is the Royal Teton Retreat located inside the Cathedral Group of the Teton Mountains in Wyoming.
Our picture shows Lord Lanto holding the Scepter of Christ Power and against the background of the Teton Mountains in early morning light.
For more information about Lord Lanto please see the book "Lords of the Seven Rays"
ISBN: 0-916766-75-6. For a detailed description of the Royal Teton Retreat please see the book "Unveiled Misteries" ISBN: 1-878891-01-4.LORD