The Heart Chakra

Sacred Geometry is the language of Creation. This geometric mandala represents the Solar Plexus chakra and it is derived from the twelve pointed star. It also contains a unique energy matrix composed of Golden Ratio spirals and interconnected triangles & polygons which create a network of energy pathways that produce corresponding resonances with the Heart Chakra during meditation and healing work.
These geometric figures have an interacting and focusing effect on aether which creates a three-dimensional, multi-frequency pattern radiating out in all directions, which then acts as an agent of transmutation to clear out chaotic & negative energies wherever this figure is located.

Sanskrit name - Anahata
Principal quality - Love
Element - Air
Corresponding musical note - F
Bija Mantra (seed syllable) - Yam (repeat this as a mantra during meditation)
Presiding God-Goddess - Brahma, Isha and Kakini Devi
Presiding Hierarchs of the Third Ray - Paul the Venetian and the Goddess of Beauty, Archangel Chamuel and Charity and Elohim Heros and Amora.
Color - When purified it is composed of myriad shades of rose and pink.
In the undeveloped form it may appear in various other colors, depending on the person's state of spiritual evolution and health.
The number and position of the nadis (etheric nerve channels) which emanate from each chakra, give the appearance of a specific number of petal-like formations - in this case twelve petals.