The Ascended Master* El Morya is the Chohan of the 'First Ray'.
(Chohan is a Sanscrit word for 'Lord'. To be a Chohan of one of the Seven rays, means that the energy of that ray in Christ and God flows through that Master to all on earth who are evolving on that particular Path).
The First Ray is the Blue Ray of POWER, GOODWILL and FAITH, which corresponds to the Throat Chakra.

El Morya is the Hierarch of the etheric "Temple of Goodwill" over Darjeeling, India.
He represents the Godly attributes of courage, certainty, power, forthrightness, self-reliance, dependability, faith and initiative - all qualities of Leadership.
He was embodied as Abraham of the Old Testament, Melchior (one of the three wise men attending Jesus' birth), King Akbar of India, King Arthur of Camelot, Thomas Becket (1118 - 1170) who was the Lord Chancellor of England and a friend and adviser to King Henry II, Sir Thomas More (1478 - 1535) "the man for all seasons" who was appointed by Henry VIII as Lord Chancellor of England and Keeper of the Great Seal.
Throughout these and many other lives, El Morya's love for the Will of God shone as a living example of dedication and oneness with the First Ray.
El Morya's final embodiment was as a Rajput Prince in India, who became a monk in the Himalayas. Later, with Kuthumi and Saint Germain, he founded the Theosophical Society and also sponsored many of the Ascended Master Activities and their messengers in the 20th century.
El Morya ascended in 1898 and continues to work with God Government and implement the Will of God on earth, through the flame of Goodwill and through many of us in embodiment.

For further information, please see the book "Lords of the Seven Rays" published by Summit University Press.

*Ascended Master: One who has walked the earth with mankind and who, through Christhood, has mastered time and space and gained mastery over self and oneness with the Divine.