The Great Divine Director is a cosmic being and an initiate of the Solar Lords who perceived the need of evolving souls to know God's Plan for all life and to proceed with unerring Divine Direction to complete the Plan. He so adored the Flame of God as the Law of unerring Direction, that he came to be known as the great Divine Director.
He was Saint Germain's teacher and he is the one known also as Master "R" (Rakoczy).
He founded the Royal House of Rakoczy in Transylvania and Saint Germain carried out his service and even used the Rakoczy name during a time. Saint Germain worked with him in a similar manner as Jesus worked with Lord Maitreya.
The great Divine Director is a member of the Karmic Board and the Manu (progenitor/forefather) of the incoming Seven Root Race of the Age of Aquarius.
Saint Germain is the Hierarch of the Aquarian Age.
A Manu of a root race is also the Lawgiver who sets the Divine Plan for an entire evolution. The Manu embodies the archetype for the whole lifewave of souls who will incarnate on Earth at a certain period - the Divine Image and likeness out of which they are made and the pattern of their Destiny.

For more info see the book "The Masters and their Retreats" published by Summit University Press.