Sacred Geometry Mandalas for Meditation and Healing

One of the most profound foundational tenets existing at the core of all religions and spiritual teachings is the belief that we are all ONE. The Anthakarana represents this oneness.
Just imagine yourself as a point of Light in the grand tapestry of Creation and being connected by rays of Light with every other soul in this Universe and all connected with the Godhead in the Great Central Sun. This grid of Light is superimposed over the Universal Causal Body of Light composed of the seven rays of Creation, appearing as seven bands of different colors: white, yellow and gold, pink, violet, purple, green and blue.
It also contains a unique energy matrix composed of Golden Ratios and other Sacred Ratios and interconnected triangles & polygons which create a network of energy pathways that produce corresponding resonances with the cosmic web of life during meditation and healing work.
These geometric figures have an interacting and focusing effect on aether which creates
a three-dimensional, multi-frequency pattern radiating out in all directions, which then acts as an agent of transmutation to clear out dark & negative energies wherever this figure is located.